Saturday, 27 July 2013

Four places to Lunch in Cornwall: Part 1

Four places to Lunch in Cornwall
Cornwall has many excellent restaurants but they often fill up quickly or are a little too expensive for the everyday holiday goer. There are also a number of excellent and unique café’s to be found in the county. In this article you will find a handful of places that are either very difficult to get into at night or provide something a little different.

The Mermaid (St Ives)  

Set just away from the bustling harbour in St Ives is this rather charming French restaurant. Already well known in the area, the Mermaid can be difficult to get into by just walking in off the street. However, turning up for lunch usually allows you to sample the delights of its menu for a reduced price as long as you get there early.

On this visit I decided to try the chorizo chicken. I’m not a fan of chicken normally as I think it often comes across quite bland in many restaurants. At the Mermaid however, everything is done with a craft that means you are always going to get something filled with flavour. As expected the dish was excellent and the spicy sauce and chorizo complimented the chicken perfectly.

For desert I took a gamble and went for the Crème Brulee. Most of the time you can’t get a decent brulee outside of France but this was light and sweet and had been flavoured perfectly. It’s certainly the best example I have found away from French shores and if that isn’t something to be celebrated then I don’t know what is.

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