Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Photographer Profile - Leanne Oosthuizen

Sometimes in my travels I come across young photographers trying to make their mark on the world. Recently it has been my pleasure to discover a rapidly developing photographer by the name of Leanne. I’ve seen Leanne develop over a few years now and I think her pictures are beginning to prove she has an eye to be able to capture real beauty. 

Leanne has experimented with many styles but I think her real strength lies in pictures of cityscapes at night. This picture of Tower Bridge looks stunning. Managing to capture and manipulate such clean lines of light shows excellent technique and above all else it looks stunning. I really like the milky quality of the light reflecting on the water as well.

This second picture of London also shows off many of the same techniques and captures some beautiful colours. Considering the equipment used to capture these images I think it’s fair to say that Leanne is worth watching in the near future as there is an undoubted natural talent developing.

 If you would like to see more Leanne's work then head to her Facebook page - Leanne Oosthuizen Photography

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