Monday, 21 July 2014

West Coast USA and Hawaii Image Gallery

Pictures from the USA taken on a combiantion of the Samsung NV8 compact camera and the Sony Cyber-shot 10.2 compact.

No photoshop effects have been added to these pictures. These pictures are under copyright, if you wish to use a picture please make contact with me via the contact form.

Sunset, Santa Monica

High Rise, San Diego

Botanical Garden, San Diego

Hand Stand, San Diego

Water Front, San Diego

From the Water, San Diego

Arizona Desert Panorama, Arizona

Red Rock Country, Sedona

Grand Canyon

Red Rock Panorama, Sedona

Man on a Ledge, Grand Canyon

Storm Coming, Grand Canyon

Neon, Las Vegas

Night Lights, Las Vegas

Classic, Las Vegas

Valley Smoke, Yosemite

The Bridge, San Francisco

Sunset, Hawaii

Sun, Sea and Surf, Hawaii

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