Thursday, 12 February 2009

Shanghai Noon Becomes Shanghai Nights: Part 1

I have always wanted to visit China. Growing up watching Jackie Chan and a love of the culture from the Far East has always made seeing it a top priority for me. Finally, after many years, I was flying into Shanghai and my Chinese adventure was about to begin. My first impression of Shanghai was not good. Straight off the plane I was herded onto a coach and off we went towards the cities famous Bund River.

Upon stepping off the coach I was hit with a mixture of pollution, tiredness from the flight and people trying to sell me junk. This didn’t help to give me a good first impression of the place. Visibility across the Bund was awful and it then began to rain. At least the food was nice.

Leaving the Bund I headed for the Jade Buddha Temple hidden deep within the city. Even the rain and fatigue couldn’t disguise what a wonderful place this was. Fully in use, the temple was busy with worshippers and filled with unique smells of burning scent.

This was the kind of place I was hoping still existed in China. Finding such beauty buried within the Shanghai sprawl was a welcome sight. Its ornate and unique wonder should be explored by anyone visiting the city.

After an exhausting day, and Jade Buddha Temple aside, I was glad just to get in bed and put the chaos behind me. As often happens, Shanghai seemed a much better place after a nights sleep.

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