Thursday, 1 August 2013

Four places to Lunch in Cornwall: Part 3

Sea Drift (Porth Leven)

One of Porth Leven’s best seafood restaurants, Sea Drift, can have a long waiting list for those looking to eat there at dinner time due to its excellent reputation and limited number of tables. It’s also not the cheapest of places to eat (though there are a number of deals to entice you in). If you’re lucky, wandering along to it during lunchtime may well see you able to sample some of its delights

Everything about the food here is quality. The ingredients, presentation and cooking are all excellent and you can order pretty much anything on the menu with the confidence that it won’t just be good, it’ll be great. You even get beautiful, warm baked bread with your meal. 

There is wealth of options to try and after taking longer than usual on the menu I plumped for the fish chowder. This turned out to be one of the most flavoursome things I have ever eaten. I would go as far as to say that it even beat the sour dough and clam chowder I’ve had in San Francisco.  It’s gorgeous and I recommend to anyone to try it if it appears on the specials board.

While there I also tried Sea Drift’s Mackerel Salad. It’s with dishes like this that you can tell the place is a cut above. What is a fairly standard dish is taken to greater heights through delicate presentation and a superb understanding of how flavours work together. 

The mackerel salad would be a perfect and tasty option for a light lunch if, unlike me, you didn’t want to try out some of their other options as well. For those with a sweet tooth there is also a large selection of cakes but on this fine day I didn’t have enough space left to try any.

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